BRIDE -Keith Ketchum was the best choice we made regarding our wedding. In the midst of all the chaos he was calm. From the first meeting he was so incredibly down to earth. My husband and I really felt like he was one of our long time friends. Not only is he friendly but he is professional and captures every moment. He was able to capture every important candid moment in such a unique modern way and the traditional group photos needed for the classic album desired by family members. As the wedding came to a close we had so many people ask us how we met our photographer. I think everyone left with one of his cards that night because there wasn't a person that wasn't impressed. I will never recommend or use another photographer. Keith is a one of a kind.

ART DIRECTOR -Keith has been photographing for us at the magazine for a year now. He has a great eye, creates amazing imagery and is very easy to work with. Really terrific work!

GROOM -We couldn't be happier with the results. To begin with, Keith was extremely professional and accessible in the months and weeks preceding the events. Any questions or concerns were addressed immediately, and we felt comfortable throughout the entire process. On the day of the wedding, Keith exhibited a level of preparation, professionalism and friendliness that was unparalleled. He made our families and bridal party feel comfortable. One of my favorite qualities about him was his ability to blend in. He managed to be almost invisible at times, capturing amazing candid moments yet was always there when we wanted something specific. He had a way of balancing this that made the process easy and fun. The photos are stunning. His framing, use of color and variety of lenses really captured how we perceived the entire day. I could not be happier with the pictures, and I would recommend Keith to anyone who wants stunning, unique photos.

BRIDE -Keith was referred to my husband and I through a co-worker and from the moment we spoke with him (my mother-in-law, my husband and I) we were charmed. We were completely settled that this was our man. After looking at our wedding photos we couldn't be happier with our choice and would highly recommend him to anyone. Keith held to every appointment, returned phone call, price quote and everything that was promised to us when we first decided to hire him. Our digital negatives were given to us in a timely manner edited beautifully and artistically. Keith was amazing at being there without 'being there'. He captured so many candid moments. My husband and I are particular about photos but Keith truly caught the magic of our wedding day. I would suggest Keith 110% to anyone for any occasion he's willing to shoot.

CLIENT- This note is long overdue but I wanted to be sure to send it finally! You took family photos when we visited last May in Hanalei. I want you to know they are some of the best photos ever taken of our family!!! You captured the light and spirit of our young grandchildren as well as the love and happiness in our adult pictures. They will be used on all our Christmas cards this year, I’m sure! We look forward to connecting with you again sometime when we are on Kauai.

BRIDE- I can't say enough great things about Keith and his work. He was FANTASTIC to work with. He was able to direct shots of us, our wedding party, and guests while still maintaining a very laid back attitude. I can't tell you how much this helped to make everyone comfortable and our day stress free. His photos are amazing! We received our photos, all edited beautifully, within a month of our wedding. He was able to capture moments that I will cherish for a lifetime. I recommend him to everyone and I would use him again in a heartbeat

CLIENT- Keith is an awesome photographer. He has done my bridal pictures, wedding and some family photos with my siblings. Not only is he a great photographer but he is so easy to work with. He makes it fun!

BRIDE- I can not put enough words in this review to say how great of a job Keith did on my wedding day. We had some challenges for him in timing and locations but he did not miss a beat and managed to still capture every moment. He was positive and kept the atmosphere light and fun. I am very particular and I loved every photo taken by him. He captured the sweet moments, the fun moments, the funny moments, and every memory of my perfect wedding day is now in my hands thanks to him. He supplied full day coverage, access to all our photos and the turn around was quick. I would recommed Keith to anyone!

BRIDE- We chose Keith for our June wedding, and he was hands down our best vendor choice. He was friendly, laid back, and unobtrusive. He always seemed to be in the right place to catch great shots. We did a lot of shopping around, and the value of the work you recieve far exceeds the cost. I completely love my wedding pictures.

BRIDE-My husband and I had this idea to get married on Hawaii. Not so easy, if you`re thousand of miles away from there and live in Berlin/Germany. First we thought to keep it simple, and just to book a wedding package in a travel agency. Bad idea…after our first visit there, we immediately knew that we`re going to book everything on our own. Especially the idea of not having the possibility to choose the wedding photographer was a “no-go“ for us. And while searching the web for photographers on Kaua`i we stumbled upon Keith`s page. The comments were great, but the most important thing was: we loved his pictures! We compared a lot of photographers on the island, but you could immediately see, that he`s a someone with experience giving his pictures already a special personal tone. But keeping it still natural and alive. Something we immediately felt in love with, but at the same time we thought: we probably can`t effort his service! Also, someone who`s doing such beautiful pictures might be very busy, and who know`s if he`s got time at this special day (we just had 1 month left for organizing, and date & time were already determined). But we pushed our luck and wrote him and got a really detailed answered from him. We instantly had a feeling of trust while reading his 1st email. He sounded very professional but the best was: he had time and his quote was unbeatable! So we kept it short and decided to sign the contract immediately from Germany. And what shall we say: we never regretted this decision. And there it finally was: the morning of our wedding. Keith was there more than about time. And from the first minute we noticed his very calm, professional but more than friendly nature. Because we all did`t want to miss the important moment of sun rising, everybody (us & the wedding minister and his wife + Keith) just got as fast as possible to the place where magic should happen. Keith already started to shoot, but to be honest: we noticed that just by looking at all the pictures 2 weeks later. What we want to say is: before and during the whole ceremony Keith was there, catching all this beautiful moments we experienced, but wether my wife nor I did notice him a second. But he was there. Maybe this describes the admiration we do have for Keith`s work the best: of course every one will have some memories looking at old pictures. Thinking of stories around the image. In our eyes, a real good picture not only catches this moment from the photographers` perspective. It also catches the view of the people that are on the image. And Keith simply did that!. Every time we have a look at his pictures, is not only remembering this moment. It`s bringing back the emotion, the thoughts and the feelings we had. We`re still speechless when looking at them. After the ceremony we had the actual photo shooting. Keith impressed us by a lot of knowledge for the place itself, but also was like this longtime friend you know for years, and who you met by coincidence! He`s just so laid back, cool and told us about his life, his passions and plans. Oh, and in the meantime shooting incredible beautiful pictures. We got the feeling being a photographer is the easiest thing on life…and to be honest: days after the photo shooting we had our doubts that some of the pictures might look posed or simply unnatural! But then, still during our trip on Hawaii we already got a sneak peak of the images he shot, and we were just overwhelmed! How can someone shoot pictures from the hip with such terrific results? We were simply just stunned and thankful! We got so many pictures, color corrected, color variations in about 3 1/2 hours of shooting. The preview we already received after a few days. All images on flash drive after 3 weeks! From Hawaii to Germany! Just a great service (btw we still owe you the shipping costs: next drink is on us!)! So, after coming back to Germany, showing our family and friends these pictures the reaction were all the same: “Wow, these are so beautiful!“ “The most beautiful wedding pictures we ever saw“. Of course this made us very proud. But it should be Keith`s pride! He really did an awesome job, and probably does it every time he`s got a camera in his hands. Keith might be the best photographer on the Island, but on top of that he`s just a wonderful person and we`ll never forget him! It`s hard to describe, but maybe this nails it: we really thought about flying him to Germany to do the photo shooting of our church wedding as well! Keith really is the best photographer you can get for your special day and that`s why we highly recommend him. We want to end this review with the first quote we gave him personally by email: “Again, a big, more than honest thank you for these beautiful pictures and the way you are! You`re wife can be more than proud of you. It`s not only because of your work, it`s because you`re one of a kind!"

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