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Big Thursday Wedding on Kauai

When they decide to run the Eddie Aikau surf contest at Waimea Bay, your north shore beach wedding may be more of a challenge than expected. Never mind the normal challenges like the possibility of rain and the wind blowing your hair in the wrong direction. This is a whole other can of worms. A beach wedding is hard to accomplish when the beach is roped off, waves are washing away trees and there is no beach left. Two people are reported missing from beaches on the north shore. So not only are conditions difficult; they are deadly. This is what happened for Jacob & Kelsey's Tunnels beach wedding. No worries though. The pros at Ali'i know how to roll with the punches. A beach wedding turned into a beach park wedding still only feet away from the foamy white water the 40ft waves were sending surging up the shore and the clouds parted just in time for sunset. Sure, we had to drive around the corner and cross caution tape to get the shot but how often can you say you got married on the swell of the year?


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