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Kauai Maternity Photos with Michelle

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Let’s be honest. We are the aliens. Ever since seeing my wife grow a human in her belly only to have it pop out screaming, an almost exact recreation of the scene from the movie Alien (but it wasn’t out of her chest), I’ve had more than just respect for women. They are goddesses. Superheroes. Most live through the trauma of being ripped apart from the inside only to love the alien, nurture it and raise it. The brain forgets almost instantly the sleepless nights, rolling to find the comfortable spot, waddling, the excruciating pain of labor, the insanity and the stretch of the skin that allows an entire new world to slide out. All of this is in the past when you hold your alien for the first time. The chemical reaction flashes your previous life in front of your eyes and the realization of this new life instantly makes you cry. Nothing else matters. It never really will. Sure, you have hopes, dreams, goals but the only one you truly pursue is more time with your alien in hopes of them teaching you where they came from and what it was like. You teach them how to act on planet Earth but they teach you how to be pure bliss, happiness and love. When I shoot a maternity session I want to tell them about the religious experience they’re about to have but they’d think I’m crazy. It is crazy. Right? Matthew & Michelle are expecting! Here are a few images from this Kauai couple's maternity session on the south side.


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