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Kauai Wedding / Poipu Beach with Rob & Meron

It's not every day you are able to photograph an Ethiopian princess and Batman's wedding. No, I'm not talking about Christian Bale, Val Kilmer or Adam West. My generation's original, Tim Burton's Batman, the claimer of 'I'm Batman' is Michael Keaton. Photographs don't do it justice but you can still see what I'm talking about. Apart from the obvious love from the camera these two are loved by many. Their wedding guests flew in from all over the world to celebrate with them at the beach park at Poipu. Here are a few from Rob Houser and Meron Emun's Kauai wedding.

Planning: Mira Mira

Lodging/Reception: Hale Pohaku

Officiant: Niles Kageyama

H&MU: Mia Moriguchi

Ceremony Music: Paul Togioka

Rentals: Lee's Rentals

Caterer: CFC

Cake: Cakes by Sandi

DJ: Lila Metzger


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